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a helping hack


24-25 May

Make a difference

Help a non-profit organization to a better digital presence.

A Helping Hack takes place May 24-25 at the Valtech Office on Hantverkargatan 5 in Stockholm. If you are have knowledge in web and mobile, you should sign up!

We start on Friday evening May 24th with a presentation of all the participating organizations, their project and the team that will work with that organization. After this, the teams will meet "their" organization and start to discuss the project over food and drinks.

Saturday the 25th starts at 8:00 in the morning with breakfast and as soon as the team is ready it's time to start working.

12 hours of hacking later, at 20:00, it is time to drop the pens and keyboards. Now all the teams will present their results. After this we will have a short retrospective to make the next A Helping Hack even better. We will then take a short walk to a nearby pub for a glass and maybe continue the discussions about the project or if you are tired of it, something else.


Friday May 24th

Open & registration
Presentation of organizations, projects and teams.
Food, find your organization and team and start to discuss the project.
Time to go home and prepare for the next day

Saturday May 25th

Xlent pays for breakfast
Spotify pays for lunch
NetRelations pays for dinner
Let go of the keyboards! Time for teams and organizations to present the result of the day's work
A short feedback session.
Continued retrospective of the day over a beer on a nearby pub.

Sign up

Sign up your team or your self.


Sign up are now closed. If you signed up you should have got an email confirmation. If you haven't, please contact us at info@helpinghack.se

Organisations so far

We, the organizers

Email any questions to info@helpinghack.se.


Where will A helping hack take place?

At Valtech in Kungsholmen. The adress is Hantverkargatan 5, Stockholm. The nearest subway station is T-centralen or Rådhuset.

What shall I bring?

You'll need your usual work tools, like a computer, a power cord and a mouse.

There will be wireless internet and pens, papers and post-ITs available during the event.

Do I need to bring my own food?

No, you don't need to do that. We will make sure you get food during the entire event. That means dinner during Friday evening and breakfast, lunch and dinner during Saturday.

I have no friends to team up with, what shall I do?

It's fine to sign up by yourself. We will match a team with those who signed up solo. It's a perfect way to make new friends.

I signed up but I haven't received any confirmation, what shall I do?

Something must have gone wrong. Please sign up again and make sure you fill in name and email for all team members.

Where shall I sleep?

You will sleep at home in your own bed or at any place you choose. It is however not possible to sleep at Valtech's office.

How will this work?

All who wish to participate sign up here at the website. There are several organisations that need help with their digital prescence. During the Friday evening the teams get to know what organisations they shall help and they will meet and discuss during dinner. The teams will work to solve the problems during the entire Saturday. Food will be served during the day. In the evening the teams get to present their work to all other teams. Afterwards all who want countinue discussions at a nearby bar.

Who can join?

Everybody who are good at web and mobile. For example designers, interaction designers, developers, usability experts, web strategists and iOS-developers.